Dr. G.Singh

Translated by Deepak Mittal


Keshav : Hey, what happened Sharma ji, you are looking very sad?

Sharma : Mr. Keshav, it’s really a bad era.. What can I say?

Keshav : Oh, What has happened?

Sharma : Mr. Ramdhan’s daughter who married last year, got divorced now.

Keshav : It’s good!

Sharma : Good? Are you kidding??

Keshav : No Sharma ji, I am not kidding. If husband & wife could not adjust themselves in life its better they get separate out comfortably.

Sharma : Hey, but marriage cannot be dissolve like this. Marriage is a bond of births.

Keshav : Ok, let’s take your words that marriage is a bond of births. Now what will happen?

Sharma: Ramdhan will search for a new boy for her Re-marriage.

Keshav : Means within 1-2 years she will be settled again.

Sharma : Yes, may be!

Keshav : Means it’s not a big thing, Right?

Sharma : What do you want to say Mr. Keshav ?

Keshav : Let’s come with me. I will explain you in detail.

Sharma: Where?

Keshav : To Mr. Roshan’s home. You will be quiet & will listen only, ok?

Sharma : Ok


Roshan: Welcome, Mr. Keshav . It’s very long time to see you.

Roshan : Oh, Mr. Sharma , you are also along. It’s really good both of you have come to my house.

Keshav : Mr. Roshan, today we have come to have a tea with you.

Roshan: Yes , definitely.


Keshav : Mr. Roshan, how are you & your daughter (Rani)?

Roshan : What would I say Mr. Keshav. You know all about. Nothing has been hidden from you.

Keshav : Is there any progress in matter?

Roshan : It’s been 15 years now. We had tried everything. Murari is not ready to take her back.

Keshav : What all have you tried?

Roshan: You know all about.

Roshan : We have tried to convince him.

Roshan : Filed dowry case against him too.

Roshan : We have thrown him in Jail too.

Roshan : Murari’s lacs of Rupees has been spent in all these. But then also he is not ready to take her back.

Roshan : Now I don’t know what should we do next?

Keshav : Why don’t take the Divorce?

Roshan : Now girl is above 40 years. What will she do by taking divorce now?

Keshav : 15 yrs before if would have taken, must have been better, right?

Roshan : At that time we never thought of. And Rani was also not agreeing for it.

Keshav : If you permit, can I talk to Rani for a while?

Roshan : Yes, why not.


Keshav: Yes, Rani. Where did you divorce case has reached up till now?

Rani: Order has yet to come from family court.

Keshav : Divorce has been filed by your husband, right ?

Rani : Yes

Keshav : Will he be able to get divorce, any guess?

Rani : Yes , I guess he will be able to get divorce.

Keshav : After that what’s your plan?

Rani : I will appeal in High court & then in Supreme court.

Keshav : What you feel, how many years will take to get results from Supreme court?

Rani : May be another  10-20 years.

Keshav : What will be your age at that time?

Rani : Means?

Keshav : Leave it, if supreme court also grants divorce, then?

Rani : At that time , he will be above 60 years.

Keshav : & what will be yours age???

Rani: !!!!

Keshav : Let’s leave it. What will you get from all these?

Rani : Perhaps, nothing.

Keshav: Then why are you doing all this?

Rani: He has ruined my life. I will not let him go. I will take revenge.

Keshav : How did he ruined your life?

Rani : Is Divorce is a small matter?

Keshav : It’s a personal matter, is not it ?.

Rani : What do you mean?

Keshav: For me Divorce is not a big thing. Perhaps for your husband too.

Rani : But for me it’s a big thing.

Keshav : You are absolutely right. I wanted to listen that only.

Rani : Please explain in detail.

Keshav : Listen please, you have made divorce , as a problem for yourself. It’s your personal matter. If I am right, these ideas are from your family. But your husband & His family got all the punishment because of all this.

Rani : !!!!

Keshav : See, Mr. Sharma. It’s not that Divorce is wrong thing. It’s that Rani has considered it as the end of her life.

Sharma : If it was not there, then what would have happened?

Keshav : Then 15 years back they both would have been separated out and would have been settled in their new lives. But now his whole family is getting punishment for this because Roshan has taught Rani that Divorce is the end of life.

Sharma : Then what should we do?

Keshav : We should teach our children that Divorce is not an end of life. If marriage life is not running fine, then get separate out & live a peaceful life.

Sharma : Yes, you are right. How can we help now? Should we meet to Murari?

Keshav : No, there won’t be any benefit out of this?

Sharma : Why not?

Keshav : All the hell he has to be through he had been now. Now he is only looking for revenge. And we will not be able to do anything about this.

Sharma : OK.

Keshav: Lets we will move now.


Keshav : Yes Sharma Ji, What did you understand now?

Sharma : That Roshan has taught his daughter that after Divorce life will be hell. Therefore his daughter made her husband’s and her own life hell.

Sharma : But, Mr. Keshav, what is the solution of all these?

Keshav : We should tell our children that divorce is not a Taboo. We should make them independent.

Sharma : Its does not mean we should get separated ourselves from marriage for some tiny issues.

Keshav : It’s not about the small or big issues. The matter is about whether 2 people can happily stay together for life time or not.

Sharma : Can we do something in Roshan’s case?

Keshav : No. If I am not wrong, we know that Rani want to take revenge of her husband for the act has been done by her parents.

Sharma : Are you saying her husband has no faults?

Keshav : You tell, how did this point come into the mind of Rani that Divorce is end of life.

Sharma : Roshan has taught her.

Keshav : Murari’s parents have taught him to be ready for future but Roshan did not teach his daughter. Then who is guilty?

Sharma : If we look by this way, then it’s Roshan who is guilty.

Keshav : And who got all the punishments?

Sharma : Murari.

Keshav : Will he not take any revenge?

Sharma : Probably, he will.

Keshav : Can we do something now?

Sharma : Probably not.

Keshav : Then we should prepare our children to ready for tomorrow without wasting any time.

Sharma : Still We should do something.

Keshav : Yes, please do something. I am not stopping you.

Keshav: Let’s go to juice center & have juice. Rest we will talk later.

Sharma: OK.



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